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10 Signs your Friendship has been Canceled.

The definition of many things has changed in the millennial generation. Phone calls are a thing of the past, food is a few clicks away, and finding love is as simple as downloading the latest app. What hasn’t changed? Friendships. While people think romantic relationships are the hardest to leave… Friendships can be just as… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Ways To Cope With The Quarantine of 2020

While New York, various parts of the country and the world, have been sentenced to house arrest, it has also offered the opportunity to appreciate the little things we often take for granted.  It has offered us to reflect and pay it forward. Whether your new office attire is pajamas or you have become a… Continue Reading →

The Power Of Direct Expression

Sometimes there comes a point when deep reflection happens and you realize there is a world of things you could have done differently or perhaps not at all.  While you certainly can’t change the past or who you were yesterday, you can look for ways to self improve. I have been passive for a huge… Continue Reading →

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