5 Tips Of Adulting… For The Late Bloomer.

Some of you at the age of 30 are already settled into that career you dreamed of. work in the field you went to school for. Some of you have tied the knot and bought that dream house. You probably started a family. Good for you. Kudos. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. However, ladies and gents I was not that individual. I mean, I had a hard time deciding if my toddler and I was going to have tacos or cereal for dinner. I am a busy mom of one, with a gazillion things on my plate. When it comes to adulthood some days I feel like I got this! Other days I peek under the bed to make sure I’m not being punk’d.

The last few years have definitely been whipping me into shape. Especially after the birth of my son. I feel like everything from that point on was a true test of maturity and growth. More importantly a test of faith. Here are five major tips that has certainly been a clutch in my life thus far:


While this does sound a little cliche, planning is one of the biggest tools. For me, I broke it down in short term goals, nothing more than two goals per week. I made them short and sweet. By doing it this way, it made them less daunting, but it also gave me a better perspective of the direction for which I wanted to go.


Do not let anyone and/or anything come between you and the “bag”! So we all been there, that begging boyfriend/girlfriend,family member or friend. Sometimes, they aren’t in need they are just opportunists. How does that affect your budget? Put it this way if you bought your friend a $5 dollar cup of coffee A day you have literally have spent nearly $2,000 dollars in one year…Yikes. Now, I am not saying to become cheap or a crappy friend. What I am saying is begin to short change all unnecessary or impulsive spending.


So, I never thought I would be remotely qualified to speak on such a subject… let alone write about it! There is no fancy step in this. For me, when I began my saving journey (yes I called it a journey) I started very small. I mean Tiny. Maybe $5-$20 dollars per paycheck. To my surprise, it adds up! Who knew? Beforehand, I had a terrible mindset, that if the money is there… It’s meant to be spent. This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, in the art of spending; you don’t realize until your account is on E. So, whenever I got paid I would put a portion away each time. My personal favorite number is 10. $10 dollars every week. While that number seems low… in one year that is still a 500 dollar save.

Cut Ties That Are Too Heavy.

Yes. As selfish as this may seem, cut off any relationships that may bring you down. While no two people are the same and everyone certainly have a struggle point; reevaluate your circle. What are their habits? How do they affect you? In other words, if you have people or elements that cloud your mental health or progression. For me, mental health is one of the most important things to me because I first hand know how fragile it is.

Take your time.

So I say this to you my fellow millennials, take your time. Please do not compare yourself to other individuals with different lifestyles. I use the word different because no life is better or more valuable than your own. You will get there, whatever your dreams… you will reach them. You have to be truthful of who you are and what you stand for. Life will throw many things your way… With more to come. Always and I mean always be honest with yourself and what you are feeling. Truly deal with those feelings. This will allow you to focus on and navigate toward your goals with fresh eyes. Trust the process.

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