The Lazy Millennial


I stared at my boss as he ranted about a task, that wasn’t to his liking, yet again. I realized I hated my job. I hated the hours I worked, I hated the direction the company had taken because it was no longer for the employee but for the financial gain. More importantly, I had to come to terms that I hated my boss. Ok, hate is a strong word for a human being so I’ll go with strongly dislike. I extremely disliked my boss. He was selfish in his leadership and only worked the bare minimum to cover him. While all that might have been true I couldn’t help but ask myself this question:

Am I doing enough? A question we have all asked ourselves at one point or another. For me, I knew to work for someone to dictate, when I eat and when I can go to the bathroom and how much time I’m allowed with my son… didn’t sit well with me. I knew I wanted to do something, I knew I didn’t want to just sit home I wanted to get out there! But to where? So far I’ve been a baker, an online seller,  try to be a YouTuber(still learning on how to work my camera), an online dropshipper all within a four-year span. With the way my life is set up, I always want My sister has supported every venture my brain decides (I love her) I know she supports me because she wants to see me happy and I truly appreciate that. However, she does make it a point that I need to stick to one thing. I want to! If only I knew what that one thing was……ugh.

I was lazy. I had let life happen to me. I never went for anything I wanted in fear of failing and somehow I convinced myself, I was safer with feet on the ground. Just as quickly those thoughts came to me I realized that this wasn’t something that happens overnight. How long was I like this? How do I change It? It was definitely a process I never did before. I had to lay my life out and be brutally honest with the individual in the mirror. I began to make decisions to help my process of growth. Meaning I cut toxic ties and let all the negative energy go.

It dawned on me that I housed a lot of things that didn’t fit neatly into my vision. At some point, these things weigh you down and change you without your permission. It just happens and you’re left wondering where did time go? As depressing as this may seem; for me, this was my most liberating moment ever! It was liberating because now I knew what needed to be done. More importantly, I knew I had the power and the drive to make the necessary changes for myself. Self-discovery and finding your purpose is never a journey too late to start. There is no right or wrong answer for what works in your life. It took me a long time to not only understand this but to accept it as well. What was your revelation today?

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